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Submit a Manuscript

Thanks for your interest in publishing in the Proceedings! Please follow the formatting instructions prior to submitting your manuscript.

Once you've formatted your manuscript and figures properly, send it as an attachment to The current editor, Mark Metz, will send it to the appropriate subject editors and manage the reviews.

** Special Announcement **

The Entomological Society of Washington is pleased to announce that beginning in January 2016 there will no longer be page charges for members publishing in the Proceedings. The member page-charge waiver also will include two free color plates in each article. Additional color plates are $50.00; excessive corrections (over 10) are $3.00 per line. In addition, we now are encouraging authors to submit larger, more comprehensive papers, up to 50 printed pages on almost any topic involving the biology, evolution, and systematics of insects and other arthropods. Page charges for non-members are $40.00 per page; color plates are $50.00 each; corrections are $3.00 per line. Not a member?

Proceedings of the ESW
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