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Past ESW Meetings

December 1988. James M. Hill. Life history studies of Cicindela dorsalis, an Endangered Tiger Beetle.

January 1989. Dan Polhemus & Warren E. Steiner, Jr. Natural history of Madagascar with emphasis on entomological studies past and present.

February 1989. Gene Wood. Insect short stories.

March 1989. A. G. Wheeler, Jr. Some insects of eastern serpentine barrens.

April 1989. Charles Griswold. Natural history of southern African social spiders.

May 1989. James B. Stribling. Life history of Marsh Beetles in treeholes and bromeliads.

Banquet - June 1989. Dr. Wendell L. Roelofs. Insect chemical communication and pheromones.

October. 1989. Donald R. Whitehead. Mimetic Millipede madness: Tropical biology in eastern north America.

November. 1989. Ralph P. Eckerlin & Harry F. Painter. Studies on the fleas of Virginia.

December. 1989. Steven L. Heydon. Desperately Seeking Salix: Interactions between a willow stem-galling Agromyzid and its two parasitoids.

January 1990. Chris Thompson. Will systematics survive in the 21st Century?

February. 1990. M. Alma Solis. Contributions of Annette Braun, an early 20th Century Lepidopterist.

March 1990. Susan J. Weller. Why are Notodontid genitalia so variable - sexual selection?

April 1990. Tim Friedlander. Moths and Molecules: Reconstructing phylogeny from nucleic acid sequence data.

May 1990. Essex E. Finney. Beltsville Agricultural Research Center: Renaissance A93. & W. Steve Sheppard. Detection of a hybrid zone in Argentina between African- and European-derived Honey Bees.

Banquet - June 1990. David A. Nickle. Hide and sing in the rainforest: The katydids of the Peruvian Amazon.

October 1990. Vic Adler. Homosexuality and insect Sexuality.

November 1990. Deborah A. Waller. Nutritional Ecology of Termites.

December 1990. William A. Bruce. The Straw Itch Mite: A most unusual parasitoid.

January 1991. Nick Calderone. Evolutionary processes in social insects.

February 1991. David Adamski. Phylogeny of North American Blastobasidae.(Lepidoptera): A case of guilt by association.

March 1991. Carol Anelli Sheppard. Benjamin Walsh, Darwin's little bulldog.

April 1991. Gregory W. Courtney. Ecology of Mountain Midges: Streams, swarms and snowshoes.

May 1991. Larry L. Rockwood. Seed dispersal by ants: a case of mutualism?

Banquet - June 1991. Jim Miller. Evolution and Host-plant Relationships in Butterflies and Moths.

October 1991. Jeffrey R. Aldrich. Mr. President goes to Australia: Bugs down under.

November 1991. Brian Brown. The strange lives of Coffin Flies (Diptera: Phoridae).

December 1991. Steven L. Keffer. Danger: Waterscorpions.

January 1992. David R. Smith. Those amazing, illusive, and forgotten Hymenopterans.

February 1992. M. Alma Solis. INBio: Costa Rica's biodiversity inventory.

March 1992. Rowland W. Shelly. A travelogue of the Diplopoda.

April 1992. Marty Condon. Tephritids, tropical vines, and Tom Sawyer trials.

May 1992. James R. Ott. Life within seedbox fruits: Prison or paradise?

Banquet - June 1992. Pam Henson and Mark Epstein. Digger Dyar.

October 1992. Paul Gross. The role of natural enemies in shaping the niches of phytophagous insects.

November 1992. Mark Epstein. Rolling waves and fishtail spinnerets.: A video on caterpillars of the Limacodid group.

December 1992. Conrad Labandeira. What does the fossil record of plant-insect interactions tell us about the ecological dominance of insects?

January 1993. Wayne Lord. Forensic Entomology: The use of insects in the investigation of violent crimes.

February 1993. Wayne N. Mathis. Shore Fly systematics (Diptera: Ephydridae).

March 1993. Michael Pogue. Using an expert system to compare cicada faunas in two southeastern Peruvian rainforest sites.

April 1993. Gordon R. Pratt. Sympatric divergence in a western butterfly genus: Euphilotes.

May 1993. F. Christian Thompson. The biodiversity scene, where are we and where are we going, an update for entomological systematics.

Banquet - June 1993. Dale Habeck. Insects on postcards and stamps.

October 1993. Mignon Davis. King of butterflies: John Fales and the Monarch.

November 1993. Charles L. Staines. Hispidological potpourri.

December 1993. Richard L. Orr. Notes on the natural history and distribution of Maryland Odonata.

January 1994. John Heraty. Ants, plants and hitchhiking parasites: A guide to the behavior and phylogeny of Eucharitidae (Hymenoptera).

February 1994. Janice Bossart. Evolution of host use traits in tiger swallowtails.

March 1994. Warren Steiner. Insect biodiversity and biomes of Madagascar

April 1994. Russell D. Stewart. Pest Identification Support.

May 1994. Suzanne Batra. A Buzz about Fuzz.

Banquet - June 1994. Lincoln Brower. The magnificent migration of the Monarch Butterfly.

October 1994 Wallace S. Sheppard. Genetic Diversity in the Honey Bee.

November 1994. Bruce McPheron. Ode to St Bush, or Why are there so many kinds of Tephritid Flies.

December 1994. L. P. S. (Bas) Kuenen. Flights of fancy? Factors mediating male moths' flight toward a pheromone source.

January 1995. Paul J. Spangler. An expedition of the Mountain of the Mist, Venezuela.

February 1995. Ted Spilman. Vignettes of a thousand meetings. & David L. Hull. Why scientists behave scientifically.

March 1995. Martha Weiss. Color learning in Butterflies.

April 1995. Gary Miller. Historical natural history: A study of insects in the Civil War.

May 1995. James Marden. Surface skimming Stoneflies: Testing the evolutionary hypothesis of insect flight.

Banquet - June 1995. Gary Umphrey. Insect Fiction

October 1995. Nathan Schiff. Sawfly Sayonara.

November 1995. Jeff Schultz. Evolution of locomotion in Arachnids and Centipedes.

December 1995. Ted Suman. Archaeological and forensic use of insects.

January 1996. Canceled due to bad weather.

February 1996. John W. Neal, Jr. Research on insects of ornamental plants: Diversified endeavors.

March 1996. Marion Kotrba. Stalk eyes and multi-chambered sperm receptacles in flies: Two examples of convergent evolution.

April 1996. Gabriela Chavarria. Better Living with Bumble Bees: Travels, trials, tribulations.

May 1996. Joachim Adis. Diving millipedes and Tiger Beetles: A lesson from the Amazon.

Banquet - May 1996. May Berenbaum. Images of the entomologist - moving or otherwise.

October 1996. Thomas K. Wood. Speciation of Echenopa treehoppers: Past and future studies.

November 1996. Christopher J. Marshall. Passalidae from A to Z: The biology and systematics of a social beetle family.

December 1996. Astrid Caldas. A lively view of Dead-leaf butterflies.

January 1997. Charles Bellamy. Beetle Collecting in Southern Africa (An inordinate fondness: Habitats and habitus).

February 1997. Ralph P. Eckerlin. Ectoparasite potpourri.

March 1997. Eric Grissell. Some alien notions: Hymenoptera and biodiversity.

April 1997. Richard Conniff. Spineless wonders - strange tales of the invertebrate world.

May 1997. Mila Coca. Phylogenetic trends in the genus Phyllophaga (sensu lato) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthoninae).

Banquet - June 1997. Bernd Heinrich. Adventures with hot and cold dung-ball rolling beetles.

October 1997. Andrew VZ. Brower. Molecular phylogenetics of nymphalid butterflies.

November 1997. Mark W. Moffett. Those little murderers: A smorgasbord of ant behavior.

December 1997. Adrian B. Forsyth. Amazonian dung beetles.

January 1998. M. Alma Solis. Pyraloidea: An example of spectacular diversity in the Lepidoptera.

February 1998. Eric Metzler. Activities of the Ohio Lepidopterists Society.

March 1998. James K. Liebherr. Diversity and distribution of Hawaiian insects.

April 1998. Diane M. Calabrese. Gerridae in literature: Pliny to Yeats.

May 1998. Suzanne W. Batra. Bees of the Garhwal Himalaya.

Banquet - June 1998. John Acorn. From Silverfish to the silver screen.

October 1998. Charles A. Triplehorn. The rest of the story: A Darkling Beetle chronicle.

November 1998. Martha Weiss. Defecation ecology: Why do Silver-spotted Skippers eject their frass?

December 1998. David L. Wagner. Natural history and defense strategies of caterpillars.

January 1999. Warren E. Steiner. Navassa Island ABioblitz@: Discovering diversity on a disputed island.

February 1999. Alan Schroeder. U. S. AID's pest management activities in Africa.

March 1999. Dale F. Schweitzer. Lepidoptera and other insects in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

April 1999. Ted R. Schultz. The natural history of fungus-growing ants.

May 1999. Joseph V. McHugh. Contribution of behavior and morphology of immature stages toward an understanding of the phylogenetic relationships of the "Pleasing Fungus Beetles" (Coleoptera: Erotylidae).

Banquet - June 1999. John Wenzel. Architecture and society in paper wasps.

October 1999. Marc E. Epstein. Collection of caterpillars: Mostly new videos of the Limacodid-group families and Epipyropidae (Lepidoptera: Zygaenoidea).

November 1999. Paul A. Opler. Lepidoptera surveys of western national parks.

December 1999. Sonja Scheffer. Molecular phylogeny of the Holly Leafminers (Diptera: Agromyzidae): Species limits, speciation, and dietary specialization.

January 2000. Mike Schauff. Out and about down under: Collecting tiny wasps in Australia.

February 2000. Steven Lingafelter. Asian Longhorned Beetles of the genus Anoplophora: A new threat to the United States.

March 2000. Gabriela Chavarria. Pollination conservation: the truth about the birds and the bees.

April 2000. James B. Whitfield. Phylogeny of Microgastroid Braconid wasps, and what it tells us about polydnavirus evolution.

May 2000. Michael G. Pogue. The Army Worm genus Spodoptera Guenée (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): A multimedia review.

Banquet - June 2000. David Grimaldi. New Jersey mud pits and the glories of fossil insect work.

October 2000. Arthur V. Evans. Spineless in Richmond: An entomologist explores Virginia.

November 2000. Jonathan R. Mawdsley. Biogeography of Checkered Beetles (Coleoptera: Cleridae) in the ASky Islands@ of southeastern Arizona.

December 2000. David Roubik. Truth or consequences: What we know about bee population dynamics and diversity in ecological time.

January 2001. David G. Furth. Searching for sumacs and flea beetles: From African poison arrows to Mexican poison ivy.

February 2001. Brian Wiegmann. Phylogenetic insights into the natural history of flies.

March 2001. Dolores Savignano. Potential impacts of pesticides on pollinators.

April 2001. Rex Crocroft. Communication and cooperation in group-living insects.

May 2001. Steve Gaimari. Searching for the elusive broad-headed fly, Eurychoromyia mallea (Diptera: Eurychoromyiidae).

June 2001. Quentin Wheeler. Return to the Little-known Planet.

October 2001. William P. Wergin & Eric F. Erbe. Low temperature scanning electron microscopy and its application for studies of soft bodied arthropods.

November 2001. Becky Simmons. The evolution of wasp mimicry in Euchromiine Tiger Moths (Arctiidae: Euchromiini).

December 2001. Art Evans. Sky Islands, Desert Sea a field guide to the arthropods of southern Arizona.

January 2002. John Brown. 100 years of collecting Microlepidoptera on Plummers Island, Maryland.

February 2002. Eric F. Erbe. Microscopy techniques for the preparation and study of arthropods.

Ron Ochoa. The mitey plant feeding mites (ACARI).

Gary Miller. Various facets of cultural entomology.

May 2002. Jon Gelhaus. "Bug Hunting" in Mongolia: Entomological research at Hovsgol Nuur, an ancient lake.

June 2002. Dan Janzen. How to find all the species of caterpillars in a large, complex tropical habitat [changed to: ATBI at the National Park Service: example of Great Smokey Mountains].

October 2002. Tom Henry. Ecuadorian bug-collecting adventures: From the Amazon to the Andes.

November 2002. Michael Gates. Eurytomidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea): Morphology, biology, phylogeny and the New Mexico bootheel.

December 2002. Dan Janzen. How to find all the species of caterpillars in a large, complex tropical habitat.

Gabriela Chavarria. January 2003. Capitol hill-topping in D.C. and conservation policy.

February 2003. Robert Raguso. Moths as pollinators: the good, the bad and the lazy.

March 2003. Stuart McKamey. Hopp(er)ing through Mexico and Venezuela: Adventures in leafhopper hunting.

April 2003. David Nickle. Life in a rainforest canopy: An in-depth study of Amazonian grasshoppers, katydids and termites.

May 2003. Barry Knisley. Tiger beetle conservation: Case studies with impacts management and natural history.

June 2003. Carll Goodpasture. Entomological crossingover: Where art and science meet.

October 2003. Chris Desjardins. Diparine wasp diversity and collecting in South Africa and Australia.

November 2003. Stefan Cover. Ant systematics in the 21st Century: North America a case study.

December 2003. John Strazanac. Diversity of central Appalachian forest canopy Macrolepidoptera, Symphyta, and their Tachinid parasitoids.

January 2004. Jonathan Mawdsley. Pollination by Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera): An Overview.

February 2004. Jeremy Miller. The unbearable lightness of being monophyletic: Clade stability and the addition of data in erigonine spiders.

March 2004. Frank Carle. Evolution of Dragonflies.

April 2004. Caroline Chaboo. Untangling fecal shield architecture in tortoise beetles: behavior, ecology, morphology and phylogeny (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae).

May 2004. Leeanne Alonso. Contributions of rapid assessment of insects to biodiversity conservation.

June 2004. Keith Willmott. A day in the life of a tropical butterfly.

October 2004. Fred Paras. A different Olympiad: Mountain hopping in northern Greece from Mt. Gramos & Varnous across to Mt. Rhodopi.

November 2004. John LaPolla. The rise of ranching in the ants and the evolution of trophophoresy.

December 2004. Sean Brady. Uncovering the evolutionary history of ants.

January 2005. Eric Grissell. A wild Rhus chase, or how to nearly solve a problem in 40 years with diversions along the way.

February 2005. Daniel Perez. Survey of the Orthopteroid Insects of Hispaniola.

March 2005. Edward M. Barrows, Christiane R. Bird, Daniel G. Balogh, Daniel S. Kjar and Catherine E. B. McCall. "Arthropoversity" of the Capital Area, A-Z: Acari to Zoraptera.

April 2005. Michael Engel. 600,000,000 years on six legs.

May 2005. Irina Brake. Thievishly and trashy: The biology of the Milichiidae.

June 2005. Mary Liz Jameson. Quest for Scarabs: An odyssey into the realm of beetles.

October 2005. R. Toby Schuh. Exploring the Southern Hemisphere: Plant Bug Planetary Biodiversity Inventory field work in Australia and South Africa.

November 2005. Gary Hevel. Backyard Entomology.

December 2005. Desmond Foley. The curious case of the ant and the mosquito and other tales of culicid complexity.

January 2006. Jason Hall. Historical and ecological biogeography of the Napaeina Riodinid butterflies.

February 2006. Wayne F. Wehling. Systematist or collector: APHIS & permits for live arthropods.

March 2006. Diana Percy. Psyllids: Diversification on islands, host plant interactions and acoustic communication.

April 2006. Charyn Micheli. The Longhorned Woodboring Beetles of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

May 2006. Cole Gilbert. All the better to see you with my dear: Visually-guided aerial pursuit of females by male Fleshflies.

June 2006. Michael Sharkey. Tricksters, hypnotists, and puppeteers: The strategies and tools of parasitoid Hymenoptera.

October 2006. Akito Kawahara. Thirty-Foot telescopic nets, bug-collecting videogames, and $1000 beetle pets: Entomology in modern Japan.

November 2006. Faith Deering. Lac, from forest to factory.

December 2006. Molly Rightmyer. Phylogenetics and special adaptations for parasitism in the bee tribe Epeolini, with emphasis on the genus Triepeolus (Hymenoptera: Apidae).

January 2007. Steve Lingafelter. Cerambycidae of Bolivia.

February 2007. Randy Mercurio. An overview of Centipedes (Chilopoda) in New York state and North America.

March 2007. Jay Evans. Genomics of social insects.

April 2007. Linda Rayor. Living with cannibals: cooperation and conflict in an unusual social huntsman spider.

May 2007. Thomas Allen. Four years of collecting and camping: The insect biodiversity of the southeastern United States.

October 2007. Shelah Morita. The evolution of blood-sucking pollinators (Diptera: Tabanidae). launch JPG document

November 2007. Gina Wimp. Resource distribution drives arthropod community repsonses to habitat edges in a salt marsh ecosystem. launch JPG document

December 2007. Jerry Cook. Mysteries and new insigths on the order Strepsiptera. launch JPG document

January 2008. Michael W. Gates. Hymenoptera trifecta: trapping, teaching, and types. launch JPG document

November 2008. Jeff Pettis. Pollinator declines around the globe and the fate of the honeybee in the U.S. launch JPG document

December 2008. Joseph F. Bischoff. Dropping like flies: fungal insect pathogens of the order Hypocreales (Ascomycota) launch JPG document

January 2009. Gary F. Hevel. BioBlitzes West and Northeast. launch JPG document

February 2009. John T. Lill. Tritrophic interactions and the evolution of diet breadth in the generalist herbevors. launch JPG document

March 2009. Sonja J. Sheffer. Life history and phylogenetics of the galling flies - Fergusoniidae (Diptera), America's newest fly family. launch JPG document

April 2009. F. Christian Thompson & Wayne N. Mathis. Diptera of DelMarVa: Renewed Focus. launch JPG document

May 2009. Jeffrey Lockwood. Green Imps of Satan: The story of the Rocky Mountain Locust. launch JPG document

June 2009.

July 2009.

August 2009.

September 2009.

October 2009.

November 2009.

December 2009.

January 2010. Jil Swearingen. Bugs, Weeds and Disease: Battling Pests in the National Capital Region Parks. launch JPG document

Orthoptera: Gryllidae: Neoxabea bipunctata (DeGeer) Orthoptera: Gryllidae:
Neoxabea bipunctata (DeGeer)

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