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Young Entomologist Group: Philosophy and Mission Statement

Prepared by David Adamski, Co-Founder and Coordinator

The Young Entomologist Group (YEG) was established in 2012 as an outreach program of the Entomological Society of Washington. Its mission is to provide instruction, in museum and natural settings, about insects and spiders. As such, we strive that our membership will become more attune to the regional diversity of our insect fauna, flora, and natural history in general. Families with children from six years of age to the early teens are encouraged to participate. Instruction is given through age-appropriate activities organized by professional entomologists, certified public school and home-school teachers.

YEG meets, on a weekend day or days, every month of the year except in January. During the winter months participants meet inside, usually at the National Museum of Natural History in downtown DC. In May, outside activities commence and continue until late in the year, depending on weather conditions. The outdoor schedule often includes travel to regional and state parks and may include overnight visits.

If a family is interested in obtaining YEG membership, or if one is interested in participating as an instructor or volunteer, please contact Dr. David Adamski at or 202.812.0527.

We are here for beetles!!

Water scorpion and dragonfly niad

Virgo moth caterpillar

Vichai Malikul teaches the art of scientific illustration

Tawny Emperor larvae

Spicebush Swallowtail larva

Plume moth

Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillar at Black Hill Regional Park, MD

Megan McCarty teaching about meadow insects at Black Hill Regional Park, MD


Lucas Rhode and a tagged horseshoe crab at Bethany Bay Beach, DE

Looking for aquatic critters

It tickles!!

Identifing arthropods from a log at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary

Holding a banded woollybear caterpillar

Female walkingstick

Ethan Rembold with a black rat snake at Redden State Forest Park, DE

Encouragement from David Adamski at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary

Elmore Brown and hat at Black Hill Regional Park, Boyds, MD

Dennis Bartow teaches about the horseshoe crab survey at Bethany, DE

Dennis Bartow at Bethany Bay, DE

Dana DeRoche teaching in the National Spider Collection

Dana DeRoche showing how to identify a spider at Natural History Museum

Common Buckeye at Little Bennett Regional Park, MD

Collecting arthropods in a log at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary

Collecting aquatic insects at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary

Charlie Staines teaches about Coleoptera at Natural History Museum

Bess beetles from a log at Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary, Upper Marlboro, MD

Araneus marmoreus

Aphids and ants on milkweed at Black Hill Regional Park, Boyds, MD

Ant mound at Little Bennett Regional Park, Clarksburg, MD

A tagged horseshoe crab at Bethany Bay, DE

A thinking young entomologist

A young entomologist with a marine arthropod

Beetles from Little Bennett Regional Park 201407

Catching the sunset

Checking over a job well done

Collecting at the sheet

Conrad Labandeira teaching about dragonflies

Dana DeRoche

David Adamski at the sheet

Floyd Shockley beating branches

John Brown teaching about caterpillars

Learning about marine arthropods

polyphemus moth

Spreading moths

Stream ecology

The Young Entomologist Group

The Young Entomologist Group

Vichai Malikul with a future scienific illustrator

Watching how it's done

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